SKB Waterproof Guitar Case


Interior Length
40.25 in
102.24 cm
Exterior Length
45.00 in
114.30 cm
Exterior Width
17.25 in
43.82 cm
Exterior Depth
6.50 in
16.51 cm
Instrument Body Length
17.00 in
43.18 cm
Instrument Body Depth
3.50 in
8.89 cm
Instrument Lower Bout
13.25 in
33.66 cm
Instrument Upper Bout
13.25 in
33.66 cm
Carton Length
45.75 in
116.21 cm
Carton Width
17.75 in
45.09 cm
Carton Depth
6.75 in
17.15 cm
19.00 lb
8.62 kg
The headstock pocket is 13″ x 9.5″ x 2.125″. Height is measured from the bottom of the neck channel to the bottom of the headstock pocket.

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