The Guitar

An incredible guitar based upon the art works of H.R. Giger – commissioned by Chris Stein of Blondie. The asymmetrical bio-mechanical body is hand carved in wood. It is adorned with carbon graphite, assorted biological materials and bronze castings.

The neck and six-fingered “peg-hand” comprise unidirectional carbon graphite fiber. A unique construction feature is the integral molding of the neck and fingerboard.

The Story

Chris Stein of Blondie, a longtime client of Lieber Instruments, commissioned Tom Lieber to create an instrument based upon the artwork of Chris’ friend, H.R. GIGER, who is well known for his spine-tingling, bio-mechanoid creatures and set designs as seen in the movie, “ALIEN.”

After Lieber’s careful study of Giger’s artworks, the concept of using an Alien’s hand for the peg-head was realized and several body depictions were rendered. In an artistic meeting, Giger, Chris and Lieber hammered out the final modifications and details and the result is truly a work of art. Much of the guitar’s components and ornamental design hold true to Giger’s signature style of mixing the organic with the synthetic.

Price: $64,000.00

Gigerstein design conceptualized by Chris Stein and Thomas Lieber. Original artist rendition drafted by Edward Abrams , a longtime friend of Lieber.

H.R. Giger, Chris Stein and Tom Lieber at the Gigerstein Party.