Entwistle Explorer

The Bass

Custom bass guitar designed for John Entwistle. This Bubinga beauty employs neck through Alembic-style construction. Also the first bass to utilize the EQ-4 sliding pole piece pick up.

The Story

The years 1980 through ’83 were spent concentrating on Spellbinder Bass design and manufacturing. There was only one custom project that snuck its way into the schedule.

It was through Stanley Clarke that John Entwistle found out about my design and building abilities. He contracted me to produce an Explorer bass with a dimensionally correct Gibson body and tri-angled headstock.

The one design aspect that I imposed my will upon was that I wanted this instrument to be an arched top Explorer. No one had produced this design with an arched top back in 1981. He thought it was a very cool concept. The project was two thirds complete when the Who called it a day and John canceled his order. I completed the instrument and it was sold to a private collector.

Note the Thos Shazar pearl headstock logo. This was the our companies name beginning 1979 through ’83.