SWR - Spellbinder Blue Amp

Spellbinder Blue Amp

The Spellbinder Blue is the perfect amp for studio work and small to medium sized stages, and early prototypes so impressed our old friends Stanley Clarke and Tom Lieber – partners in the Spellbinder brand of “boutique” bass products – that they asked if it could be included in their line!

We were more than happy to oblige them and are proud to announce the partnership of SWR and Spellbinder in offering this unique and visionary product. This collaboration is, without a doubt, a match made in bass heaven!

Visit SWR’s Spellbinder Blue page for more information.


Spellbinder Strings

Spellbinder Strings

Each string type designed approved by Stanley Clarke, custom string gauges also available, minimum order of two sets.

All types including Piccolo, Tenor, 4 & 5 String Clarke Tronic Electric Bass, and Double Bass.

Phone: (607) 437-2614
E-mail: info@lieberguitars.com


EBS Stanley Clarke Wah Pedal

EBS Stanley Clarke Signature Wah-Wah

Stanley Clarke is one of the most demanding bass players, with a distinctive tone and a clear idea of how it should sound, we all knew what to expect.

This unique pedal design evolved through collaborative effort with luthier Thomas Lieber of the Spellbinder Corp. USA and musician Stanley Clarke, and is the first product ever that Stanley puts his name on. Also, the first ever EBS product we let an artist put his name on.

To learn more – read the press catalog or visit the EBS website.