Graphite Speedneck Wolf

Graphite Speedneck Wolf

New slant on an old Irwin design! This is a new exciting instrument born from its original provenance.

Breathing new life into the classic wolf design Jerry Garcia made famous – implementing new technology you won’t find anywhere but Lieber Guitars.

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2010 American Beauty Classic

American Beauty Classic 2010

We are pleased to announce the creation of our newest model. The 2010 – LG74 American Beauty Classic. Truly a beauty with an affordable price point.

It was the luthier team of Doug Irwin and Thomas Lieber that worked intimately with Jerry Garcia through the process of designing, creating and building his favorite and most often played custom guitars.

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LG74 - American Beauty Classic

American Beauty Classic 2009

The LG74 – American Beauty Classic ’09 has its roots steeped deeply within the original Garcia design. This is the original ornamental guitar design built from drawings and templates circa 1974. It is a wonderfully sounding and finely build instrument that offers aspects of the original design at an affordable price point.

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The Butternut

The Butternut

The Butternut guitar is a genuinely hand made string instrument created from previous felled Butternut trees and the culmination of 37 years of hands-on experience. This guitar is a tribute to the Butternut tree in hopes of bringing awareness of its plight.

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The Gigerstein

An incredible guitar based upon the art works of H.R. Giger – commissioned by Chris Stein of Blondie. The asymmetrical bio-mechanical body is hand carved in wood. It is adorned with carbon graphite, assorted biological materials and bronze castings.

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The Garcia

An iconic guitar made famous by its legendary owner. The Garcia is known worldwide for its elegant body design, beautiful inlays and unmistakable sound.

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Spellbinder Guitar

Spellbinder Guitar

A kin to its older brother the SB II bass our new Spellbinder 6 string guitar also employs sound block design comprised from the traditional tone woods Maple, Spruce and Ebony, these are the same species of hard /softwood combination utilized by 16th century Master Violin Makers.

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