The Butternut

The Guitar

The Butternut guitar is a genuinely hand made string instrument created from previous felled Butternut trees and the culmination of 37 years of hands-on experience. This guitar is a tribute to the Butternut tree in hopes of bringing awareness of its plight.

The Story

Butternut canker is killing trees throughout the range of butternut in North America and is threatening the viability of many populations in several areas. Although butternut is the primary host, other Juglans species and some hardwood species also are potential hosts. Evidence is building that genetic resistance within butternut populations may be exploited for conservation and restoration of the species.

When Lieber heard of the plight of butternut trees – he decided to immortalize this beautiful wood in the form of a phenomenal neck-thru guitar. With incredible sustain and effortless playability, the butternut is the ideal guitar for the performance player.

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Four to six month delivery upon order. One-half deposit, balance due upon completion. Pricing does not include case, shipping or applicable tax. Instrument is comprised of US parts / labor including offshore parts / materials.

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