Mando Piccolo

The Bass

The Mando Piccolo Bass is a new slant on a classic F style mandolin body. A design that also finds new comfort in the hands of all bass enthusiast. Try one and you’ll know, you got to have one!

The Story

Through collaboration, Luthier Carl Thomson and Stanley Clarke are credited for inventing the Piccolo (one octave higher) lead-bass guitar. Since those early years of its inception, Stanley has been busy playing the majority of the Piccolo bass designs out there.

Always trying to refine the instrument, Stanley and Lieber would often convey to one another the different attributes they believed a Piccolo Bass designed from the ground up would have.

The Spellbinder Mando-Piccolo Bass is an instrument with the traditional classic design Lieber and Clarke had been searching for, it is the newest breed of good sounding, fun to play basses for your personal collection.


MSRP price: $1,650
Direct sales: $1,225

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Spellbinder Corp. proudly presents the Mando Piccolo Bass